Capacity+ Project

A project to enhance the capacity of the Permaculture CoLab to meet its own aims.

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Transparent and open finances.

Contribution towards Permaculture Association office costs

by Celia Ashman11/26/2020

Receipt #28529

Digital Facilitation Proposal - Educator Membership

by Gregorio Luiz Gomez11/26/2020

Receipt #24968

Salaries January - October 2020

by Permaculture Association11/24/2020

Receipt #28268

Today’s balance

£19,987.93 GBP

Estimated annual budget

~ £49,400.00 GBP

Capacity+ Project is all of us

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Everyone who has supported Capacity+ Project. Individuals and organizations that believe in –and take ownership of– our purpose.

Philipp Grune...

Capacity+ Project Team Coordinator

Naomi Joy Smith
Core Contributor

Engagement Designer, creating conditions for mutually beneficial relationships

Ewan Findley
Core Contributor

Software and digital content Developer

Aimee Fenech

startup incubator and onboarding

Permaculture ...
Financial Contributor

Total contributions

£49,400 GBP


Here we are practising open books policy by making Capacity+ Project budget transparent to our community and everybody else.

Capacity+ Project supports Permaculture Collaborative Laboratory (CoLab) in: 
  • Training and eLearning: through the delivery of training and the creation and curation of eLearning systems and materials we aim to enhance the capacity of contributors to meet CoLab aims and incentivise participation of unpaid contributors.
  • Circle incubation and nourishment: through incubating new circles (work teams) and nourishing existing circles we aim to enhance the capacity of the CoLab to meet its own aims.
  • Prototyping: through practically supporting the implementation of a range of prototype initiatives, enterprises, and services we aim to enhance the capacity of the CoLab to meet its own aims and to sustainably fund its existence.
  • Network weaving: through developing the relationships between contributing individuals and organisations, collaborators within and beyond the permaculture movement, and enhancing the collaborative capacity embedded in these relationships and processes (through facilitating social learning) we aim to enhance the capacity of the CoLab to meet its own aims.