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The Funding Circle Services team helps permaculture aligned people & projects research funding, writing grant applications and managing funding.


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Consultation (hourly)

We offer funding readiness, strategy, and training sessions personalized to your organization's needs.

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Grant writing (hourly)

Once we have identified a most suitable grant for your organization, we will write the grant application and liaison with the funder on your behalf.

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€33 EUR

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One-time contribution
Funding profile and 3 grant recommendations

We will create a funding profile for your organization which will match your organization's projects with funding impact areas, specific funders, a... Read more

€220 EUR

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Donations for Free Funding Circle Services to Grassroot Projects

We are often contacted by grassroots projects who cannot afford to pay for grant / funding research, grant writing and matching services. This dona... Read more

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Support the following initiatives from Funding Circle Services.

funding digital products and tech support for the funding circle

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Provide group process faciltation within the colab

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Continuation of the C+ Grant for project MapMappers

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Continuation of the C+ Grant for project PermaConvergence

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10% minimum to 20% recommended for all monies coming into the collective

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C.K Matorwmasen

Grant writing (hourly)

€260 EUR


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News from Funding Circle Services

Updates on our activities and progress.

We would like to invite you to the launch of the newly improved funding opportunities database which now includes over a hundred opportunities.

The database will first become available to International Permaculture Colab members during a live event on Tuesday, June 6th, at 3-4pm UTC, at...
Read more
Published on May 24, 2023 by Aimee Fenech


What we do – our domain, vision, mission and aims 

Our Domain is in Finance & Economics 

  • Identify and highlight value exchange / funding opportunities
  • Identify, secure and mobilise resources that support participants to nurture existing initiatives and develop new eco-social enterprises, projects and initiatives that address identified challenges in permaculture, or add additional value to permaculture networks; 
  • Identify and build relationships with fundraisers and fiscal sponsors working within permaculture and support them to be more effective
  • Apply for funding on behalf of appropriate initiatives of the wider permaculture movement
  • Create an opportunity to access resources and research for permaculture related projects and innovations in the field
  • Identify priorities, gaps and significant change-making opportunities in the permaculture movement that need resourcing
  • Provide proposal writing assistance, partnership or leadership, including references and movement information
  • Provide advice / consultations to enhance aspiring funding applicants, including monitoring and evaluation
  • Provide training and sharing resources related to fundraising
  • Create a community of practice

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