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Microsolidarity Sessions has been archived.

Microsolidarity Sessions has been archived and is no longer active.

Microsolidarity Sessions


4 sessions for a microsolidarity practice run


Transparent and open finances.

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 a Microsolidarity program for the CoLab and allied community networks including GRC, Ecolise, Deep Adaptation Forum and others who may be interested in this practice. We would use the cohort model. Microsolidarity is a community-building practice that helps to build structures for belonging. We would apply the deep listening framework signed by Katie Carr from Deep Adaptation Forum.
 The program will involve a series of 4 calls of 90 minutes each, spread out over 4 weeks, and set up at a convenient time. The calls involve doing a series of community-building practices and working in groups of different sizes. We would aim to have around 20-30 people join this program. 
 As an adjunct to the meetings, participants will be recommended some light reading materials. The purpose of the program is to practice different relational modalities with a view to sowing the seeds for a mutual aid circle. The calls would be hosted by Aimee, Jyo and Charlie, with two hosts for each meeting.