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Translate CDLI to Farsi and Arabic!


Let's increase access to our shared heritage by providing an interface translated into Farsi and Arabic!


One of the main missions of CDLI is to provide access to the information it safe keeps to a wide audience. One of the main barriers to this access is one of language.

This project will enable us to enhance the infrastructure of CDLI to make it possible to provide content in a translated interface both in Farsi and in Arabic. This project also encompasses producing the translations. The expected result will be the possibility for a visitor to see the main interface including the menus translated to Arabic and Farsi, and part of our metadata which presents itself as lists (proveniences, periods, materials, etc.) The rest of the interface and data will remain in English. 

For this project, we will hire two contractors: a programmer and a translator.  Total costs are estimated at 3500£. 

We will start the work as soon as there are enough funds to cover preliminary tasks. If we cannot reach this financial goal by the end of March 2023, will advertise the project for the Google Summer of Code so we can complete the work with the help of a student intern. 

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