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Chicagoland Food Sovereignty Coalition

A coalition of autonomous mutual aid groups in Chicago and Cook County, working together to cultivate food sovereignty and autonomy for all people in all communities!



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To provide more access to trucking transportation across the CFSC coalition.

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Updates on our activities and progress.

CFSC Celebrates Two Years!

Magnificent and Beautiful People, Today marks the second anniversary of the Chicagoland Food Sovereignty Coalition (CFSC)! Can we take a moment to celebrate? Gratitude!Thank you for all of the radical love, intentionality,...
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Published on December 14, 2022 by Cosmos Ray


 Chicagoland Food Sovereignty Coalition (CFSC)

CFSC is a coalition of Chicago and Cook County autonomous mutual aid groups working together to create food sovereignty for all of our communities while disrupting the current and unjust food system. 

We know that the current local and national food systems are based on waste, profit and food apartheid. The over-industrialized food system is predicated upon and necessitates harm in order to function. Not only is it unjust but it is also futile.

CFSC's methods include standing in solidarity with our neighbors and listening to them for solutions, rescuing viable and high-quality foods and redistributing them to our communities, growing food, composting, creating "free stores" for communities access food, delivering food to neighbors who are unable to leave their homes, creating co-ops, redistributing wealth to support infrastructure and other resources needed to effectively dismantle the current unjust food systems and reimagine community-based food systems of food sovereignty and autonomy. 

Our team

Bennett Smith

Core Contributor

Cosmos Ray

Love, joy and liberation for all!

Maria M

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