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Brussels-based Initiative to support citizens who want to make climate action part of their citizenship

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Citizens Dialogues is an independent, non-partisan, citizen-based platform that aims to promote meaningful, fair, just, and timely action to reduce our own negative climate impact, to develop resilience and to respond to unavoidable climate change effects, and to learn how to best cope with them. We act locally and make our contribution to keeping global temperature rise under 1.5° Celsius, the threshold that we should not exceed if we want to prevent massive catastrophic impacts.

Our goal is to connect and engage all stakeholders: fellow citizens, non-profit organisations, companies, politicians, policy-makers, public institutions, scientists, journalists, federations, associations and others. We aim at empowering them, offering our support to make them part of the solution, and we work together on taking concrete next steps to reduce harmful climate impacts and to adapt to a changing climate.

We envisage an open, transparent and respectful dialogue on actions aimed at tackling climate change and at adapting to unavoidable climate impacts. Our holistic approach is meant to address people’s hearts and minds and is based on these principles:

● Inclusiveness - Everyone has a voice and can participate
● Connectivity - We are aware of the interconnectedness between people, the environment, all parts of our societies, economies and nature
● Accountability - We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and for the impacts of our actions
● Pragmatism and timeliness - We focus on effective and immediate action with long term effects
● Transparency - Our conversations and decisions are open and accessible to all
●Truthfulness - We are basing our words and actions on facts and scientific evidence

To tackle the challenge, we collaborate with people and organisations that are interested in joining forces to implement the goals of this Charter.

This is how we want to act:

● We look at the big picture and the complex challenge ahead, and we use the language of reason and of empathy to come up with actions to achieve lasting solutions;
● We commit ourselves to changing the way we go about our daily lives, by taking practical steps to reduce the release of greenhouse gases in our actions, purchases and decisions, and we empower others to do so in their personal and professional lives;
● We learn how to cope with and adapt to the effects of climate change and we support and empower others to do so in their personal and professional lives;
● We work together with individuals, organisations and groups in our neighbourhood and around the world in order to learn from each other and share solutions and good practices related to climate change;
● We ask questions where it matters, and reach out to our local, regional and national government representatives to prompt them to step up their ambitions and make their contribution to solving the climate challenge;
● We share our insights and experiences with each other and across societies and we develop new habits that can usher in good climate stewardship.