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Hi! This is the CIN open collective.

We are on a mission to Boost the emergence of bold technological innovations that empowers citizens to improve cities.

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We are CIN

Civic innovation network (CIN) is a coalition of organisations and individuals aiming at building bridges between different stakeholders of society to boost impactful project and practices in a collaborative framework.

During these turbulent times, we observe the negative environmental impacts and the limits of our societal models, there is an urge to address and tackle the main brake to reinvention: a total and multilayer disconnection and fragmentation in a scarcity and competitive framework.


We believe in a more open and collaborative society, where everyone holds a stake to develop and contribute to a thriving future. We wish to encourage citizens, entrepreneurs, public and private actors to connect and align their interests, contributing towards a positive impact in our society and the environment.

With starting CIN, we wish to convey a strong positive signal, that this alignment is possible and will have an outcome of tangible results that will create a long-term impact. Together as a committed team, we wish to embark in this experience with conviction, to strengthen the interconnectivity between all players.


A strategic multi-stakeholder experience to prompt the emergence of civic innovations in Brussels through three core experiences: Open Wall - Launch of crowdsourcing platform for citizens to sound out what can be improved Call for civic innovators - Highlight projects solving issues of citizens Civic Tech Summit - A 3-day conference to build multi-stakeholder collaborations that can boost impactful project and practices in Brussels.


Providing human and financial resources in full transparency



This is possible thanks to all these people and organizations who contribute their time and/or money to support this collective. Contribute too!