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We love to support our awesome Developer community, so you can keep doing great things and sharing knowledge through meetup events.

This collective was set up to sponsor 🍕🍕 pizzas for developer meetups around the world 🍕🍕

  • Pizza receipt from vendor
  • Picture of organizer presenting Cloudflare slides to the meetup group


  1. If the group meets the mission for the meetups, the group should proceed to schedule their meetup and pull the Cloudflare Introductory Slides ahead of time. There are several slides, but groups can pick which group of slides most applies to their group. For example, A JavaScript meetup should use the “JavaScript + front end meetups” slides. 
  2. Present the Cloudflare Introductory Slides at the beginning of the event AND take a photo of the group in front of the Cloudflare logo. 
  3. Someone from the group then must Tweet the photo @Cloudflare, so we can retweet. 
  4. Submit through Open Collective AND the post-event form within 60 days of the date of the expense. The expense must have the original receipt from the vendor attached.

Please note that Cloudflare will not reimburse groups which have not properly completed all of the steps outlined above.

For more information on our rules, check out this google doc.

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Hello, folks!
Published on April 29, 2019 by Andrew Fitch

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