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Code For Dayton

A Civic Technology group in Dayton, Ohio. We help technologists engage with civic needs.


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News from Code For Dayton

Updates on our activities and progress.

2023 End of Year Update

This is our first update since we joined Open Collective. It's been a bumpy year for us. Near the beginning of the year, we got the news that Code For America, our previous fiscal host, was shuttering its brigade program. There was...
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Published on December 2, 2023 by Dave Best


A Civic Technology group and grassroots organization.

Code for Dayton addresses local social and civic challenges through creative uses of technology. Despite the name, we don't just code! We foster relationships between government, nonprofit, academic, for-profit companies, residents, civic technologists, analysts, designers, and many more. All are welcome!

Hack Nights

Hack nights are an opportunity to volunteer on software projects that benefit the Dayton and Miami Valley community. Thanks to the support of Gem City Tech, We meet in person about once a month at the The Innovation Hub at the Arcade. Check for details and to RSVP. The meetings are currently scheduled for the first Tuesdays of each month at 6pm.

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