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For individuals who use Codeception. Thank you for supporting our work!

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For companies who benefit using Codeception. We will add your company logo to our home page! We w... Read more

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$50 USD / month


Codeception 4.0 release!

$1,000 USD goal

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We need your support to split Codeception monolith, decouple modules into separate packages, and ... Read more

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A yearly subscription for teams who ❤️ Codeception! We will list your company on out site for a wh... Read more

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A yearly subscription where you get more from Codeception than just a good open-source product. Y... Read more

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Sami Greenbury

$50 USD since Oct 2019


Lars Moelleken

$5 USD since Oct 2019


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Sami Greenbury | 10/29/2019 | View Details 

Donation to Codeception

Lars Moelleken | 10/22/2019 | View Details 

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Everyone who has supported Codeception. Individuals and organizations that believe in –and take ownership of– our purpose.

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Sami Greenbury
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$50 USD

CodeCeption has revolutionised and supported my testing for years - it's well worth financially supporting.

Lars Moelleken
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$5 USD

Automated tests for a better life. ⚛️