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Our Collective of workplace design consultants provides business, management, and creative services for mission-driven founders.


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Our Collective of workplace design consultants provides business, management, and creative services for mission-driven founders.


Our mission* is to achieve equal opportunity and economic empowerment by amplifying the strengths, voices, and creative ideas of diverse leaders.
*We want to make work not suck for humanity and work for everybody.

We're designing the “future of work” with ethical, equitable, and practical business advice. We believe in collective action, mission stewardship, and shared ownership. We are deliberate in how we engage with others and build this community with careful intention in order to create a positive impact. D&I can be B.S. if not done right. It is important for coFLOWco to be both socially and environmentally responsible, and inclusive to reflect the diversity of our world. 

We embody “leading with purpose” by showing our clients, colleagues, contractors, vendors, community, mentors, and partners that inclusive, equitable, just, and accessible practices and processes are not only possible but necessary for every organization, no matter how small.
If you want to build equity in your startup or engage ethically with small businesses and solopreneurs let's connect

We serve MSMEs (Micro and Small/Medium Enterprises), B Corps, small creative agencies, SaaS startups, cutting edge research firms and think tanks, mission-driven projects, solopreneurs, non-profits, consultants, and local companies with heart. We guide to center your mission and to go from words and policies to process and action, turning every founder into social entrepreneur, 

Together our Collective serves bigger institutions, foundations, state-led organizations, and nonprofits with Brand and Content Strategy, Organizational Development, and Creative Operations rooted in Social Justice.

coFLOWco provides social entrepreneurs the skills, systems, and strategies for success, turning small-business owners into C-suite leaders for a sustainable, inclusive New Economy.

We thrive in highly flexible environments with lots of communication. We prioritize psychological safety at work and ensure clients and colleagues get what they need to grow sustainably (i.e. prevent burnout). Our consultants research and write on Social Justice Design, Tech, and Entrepreneurship, create design-led workshops, and help smooth out clunky processes in operations.  We provide tools and policies to build equity into processes, prioritizing the needs of small businesses. 

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