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Don't Hate. Donate. Turn your rage into rainbows.


Don’t hate. Donate, today. And turn your rage to rainbows.

What can you do with the haters in your feed? 
Ignore their hate. DONATE HERE in their honor.

We’re taking intentional actions to change🔥😡🍋 into🌞🍭🌈 . 

Who are we? 
We’re just two very cynical people who were practically strangers a year ago. We bonded over our mutual love of being unapologetic as our full selves, the inability of some to simply be decent humans, and blue hair.

Madison is a startup enthusiast whose passionate about building cultures that attract and retain talent. Her mission: Ensure future generations won’t suffer the same toxic workplaces because we shifted corporate culture for them today.

Emily bailed on toxic bro-culture and founded coFLOWco to support startups and founders in changing work “for good”. Her mission: Make work not suck for humanity.

We no longer accept the status quo. We are building inclusive workplaces where anyone could be themselves, collaborate in peace, and thrive.

#DontHateDonate and #FlipTheScript are social impact projects from Rage2Rainbows.



Support the following initiatives from Rage2Rainbows.

A fundraiser for LGBTQIA2S+ and awareness campaign about Don't Say Gay..

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We're happy to fuel the good and donate, instea...

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Let’s get the ball rolling!

News from Rage2Rainbows

Updates on our activities and progress.

🏳️‍⚧️ Int'l Day for Trans Visibility: Turn your 🤬 to 🌈 - Give with us!

🔥Hot Tip: Queer friends/fam are scared, but YOU don't have to BE Trans to care. Or to be scared. Or to be angry. Body autonomy, the right to priva...
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Published on March 31, 2023 by Emily Weltman

😡🍋➡️🌈🍭 Updates and Reflecting on 2022, from Madison & Emily

2022, R2R by the numbers, for Giving Tuesday: · From 0 to 40+ donors in a few days. 4 monthly recurring sponsors. 2 days of social media posts 1 LinkedIn Article 1 email update via coFLOWco's list. We raise...
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Published on December 28, 2022 by Emily Weltman

🗓 For GIVING TUESDAY 2022 show us your rainbows! 🌈

We are bringing some joy into our world by bringing rainbows into our feeds. We are so over seeing one negative news story after another––one hateful tweet after the next. We all deserve some joy. Join us in giving the good vibes. Show up t...
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Published on November 29, 2022 by Emily Weltman


Let’s get the discussion going! This is a space for the community to converse, ask questions, say thank you, and get things done together.

Did you Turn Rage 2 Rainbows for Giving Tuesday??

Published on November 29, 2022 by Emily Weltman

Please drop a link with your post so we can amplify it too. Thanks for fueling the good. ·


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