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Open Collective
December 2022 UPDATE
Published on December 9, 2022 by Micky Metts

CommunityBridge now has over 100 members! Thank you all for choosing to protect your privacy and our friends privacy!!! Please let your friends know they can register and create rooms here:

This is a direct email to everyone with an account on CommunityBridge, it is not a general newsletter and I will not be sending regular mailings - as members you will get infrequent emails letting you know of new features and BBB upgrades. There are goals for the site. See our mission statement here:

Here are a few updates and some info:

We will be upgrading to BBB version 2.6 very soon (January 2023) and will introduce some new features.
You can see the progress of BBB 2.6 development and the new features we will have here:

You can get involved suggesting features and seeing what is being developed now and add your voice here:

My favorite new feature is the upgrade for the whiteboard in BBB 2.6. It will be replaced with a stellar choice of tldraw -
It is feature-complete and multiplayer-ready and it has an eraser!

Agaric is working to integrate BBB with Drupal, the content management system we use to build websites. We would like to add BBB to our platform.

If you are able, please make a contribution and join our team on OpenCollective - or just take a look at our progress here:
Thanks to the friends that are already giving and making this site possible. We have been discussing plans to host more events and livestream some activities. Get on the mailing list to get involved: 
Thanks to our very generous BBB server host for helping us stay online until we have enough contributions through OpenCollective to carry our own weight! If you would like to host your own BBB server, let me know, I can help. 

Co-ops Not Cages

Posted on December 9, 2022

Thanks for the update! I'm glad we took the initiative to be your second sponsor because we knew this effort just needed time for people to find it and support its continued development!