7/31 W9 bot

The total amount of the expenses that you have submitted this year to this host exceeds $600. To comply with the IRS, we need you to send us by email the W9 form if you are a US person (a US citizen or US resident or a US incorporated entity) before we can proceed with this payment. If you are not a US person please send the W-8BEN for individuals or the W-8BEN-E form for companies. See docs for more info.

Note: if your expenses are reimbursements not invoices, please disregard this message.

In order to reimburse the expense you submitted, it must have a valid invoice or receipt. Click 'Edit' on this expense to upload a new file. If you need help, see: info about submitting expenses

Thanks for adding the receipt.

The currency conversion appears to be incorrect. NGN 1,785,000 = about USD 4,939 - is there a reason the USD amount is higher in the expense?

Oh I see, you are using the historical exchange rate. That's fine. I'll get this paid now.