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JS async data provider empowering modular architectures

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Data Provider is an open source project that helps developers to build modular and decoupled architectures allowing to better reuse views connected to data origins.

As a summary, main targets of the project are:

  • Separate global state from data cache.
  • Force pieces to always request for the data they need (but avoiding a negative performance impact due to usage of an internal cache).
  • Make dependencies with the data clearly identifiable and traceable.
  • Provide selectors allowing to combine data from different data origins or other selectors, keeping the same interface and principles.
  • Inform pieces when the cache of a provider is invalidated, so impacted pieces can request the data again.
  • Unify the interfaces of different data origins, in order to isolate the pieces about the knowledge from where are the data being retrieved.
  • Provide simple methods to handle loading and error states.

This collective supports the team that is developing Data Provider. The funds collected are intended to support dedicated staff, compensate those who are regularly contributing to Data Provider, hire freelancers to help with needs we can't otherwise meet, and support infrastructure and services expenses such as domain name and hosting of the project website. Funding also allows us to send team members to conferences, companies, and meetups to meet with our users to discuss and solve the problems they are facing.

This Collective is run by and for the benefit of the independent contributors to the Data Provider open source software project, and for the improvement of the infrastructure and services that the project maintenance requires.