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An understanding of narrative through data visualization can help us share data science as a practice, through curriculum, guides, and tutorials in data science education. We are proposing the organization of two 1-day long virtual events (in Spring and Fall 2021) which will support the creation of informative and design-conscious content for sharing the best practice of data science. We are calling this event “Data Science by Design” because in addition to a focus on aesthetic visual design principles, we believe that as a community we should be conscientiously developing the future of data science: a future built with diversity, inclusion, and open education as its guiding principles. Our events will empower and support attendees to produce visual content that effectively and artfully communicates the practice of data science research in the form of how-to guides, infographics, and zines. Further, these events will create a community. We will compile our community-developed products into a self-published anthology that will be freely available at, as well as to the wider data science community in both digital and print form.

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