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We are dedicated to closing the education inequality gap by making academic research, debate, and digital learning accessible to all.


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db8bot is a Discord application that aims to decrease education inequality by enabling any community on Discord to access traditionally paywalled academic journals. db8bot automatically indexes journal pre-publication servers and other bibliographical databases such as Google Scholar, Semantic Scholar, and SSRN (searching from 100+ million records) to find accessible versions of paywalled articles. In addition, db8bot provides functions to connect to the debate tabulation site, built-in debate tracking ability, optical character recognition in 40+ languages, and more!

Over the last three years, we have served over 650,000 academics (370,000 active) from 980 communities in over 20 countries, helping students from colleges and universities in the U.S. better access research, decreasing education inequality in countries such as Indonesia, India, and the Phillippines, while bringing unprecedented information access to schools in developing countries such as Uganda.

Your contribution will help us continue our mission to decrease education inequality and increase information access across the world. Join us in creating a world without information barriers!

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