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With your support, it will be possible to keep Decidim growing. You'll be helping Decidim's maintainers to manage the most popular web platform for citizen participation.

The funds will enable the maintainers to:
  • review community contributions
  • triage issues
  • fix bugs related to performance
  • improve the design of the platform
  • write better documentation
  • improve performance of the platform security
Decidim helps citizens, organizations and public institutions to democratically self-organize at every scale. Thanks to Decidim, any organization is able to configure spaces for participation (initiatives, assemblies, processes, or consultations) and enrich them through the multiple available components (meetings, surveys, proposals, voting, follow-up of results, comments, and many other).

Currently, Decidim is being used by the city of Barcelona, the Catalan Regional Government (Generalitat de Catalunya), New York City, The Conference for the Future of Europe, the European Commission, the city of Helsinki, the French Senate and the French National Assembly, among other institutions and organizations worldwide.

If you want to become a member, first we'll need to review your contributions on our project. Read more information in Metadecidim about "Becoming a Member".

From a technical point of view, Decidim is a Ruby on Rails framework that allows customization and hacking through a modular (based on Rails engines) architecture. Through these modules, it's possible to extend the functionalities in multiple ways.


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