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The Art of Listening - Training for DA facilitators has been archived.

The Art of Listening - Training for DA facilitators has been archived and is no longer active.

The Art of Listening - Training for DA facilitators

A course on Deep Listening, with Katie Carr.

Friday, January 14, 2022, 9:00 AM - Friday, February 11, 2022, 11:00 AM (UTC+00:00)


The Art of Listening - training for Deep Adaptation facilitators

“People start to heal the moment they feel heard.” (Cheryl Richardson)
Image by Jyrki Salmi on flickr.

What is it?
This five week course will explore the lost art of deep listening, and is intended to support DA facilitators to deepen their skills and build their confidence in hosting ‘Deep Listening’ gatherings.

Deep Listening was the first hosted process within the DA Forum, offered on a weekly basis in different timezones. Many of you here were part of the original team of facilitators who offered this practice on a regular basis to members of the big DA Facebook group. You can read more about the principles of DA Gatherings here, and about the Deep Listening format here.

Previously, ‘training’ for facilitators involved participating in Deep Listening gatherings, becoming familiar with the format, before hosting or cohosting online. With this new training, you will be supported to explore more deeply the art of listening, in order to fully embody the principles and practice of deep listening. 

What happens when we simply listen - fully and with presence - to ourselves and to others? And what if we extend that listening to including the field itself, the essence of connection and co-created reality?

You will join in a journey of learning to listen, without agenda, expectations, or judgement. Together we will learn how to create a space in which people feel safe to share what is true for them, knowing they do not need to edit themselves, to make themselves smaller or bigger. By creating genuinely safe spaces, where everything is welcomed, we are enabled to identify, name, and begin to divest ourselves of the deeply ingrained conditioning 

As well as building your confidence and capability to host these essential and healing spaces for the people who have joined the Deep Adaptation forum, this course may also impact on your personal relationships and your ability to be present for your family and friends.

The global situation has changed dramatically since the first Deep Listening gathering was hosted in June 2019. Members have joined the DA group who have never heard of Jem Bendell or read the DA paper. Societal collapse is no longer a peripheral discussion; many people seem to have accepted that our trajectory towards collapse is inevitable, and are despondent, resigned, powerless. Deep Listening, in a way that invites people to slow down and give loving attention to the maelstrom of emotions and beliefs that lurk beneath that despondency, is an essential ingredient of inner deep adaptation; it is part of the DNA of deep adaptation.

First session takes place between 9-11am UTC on the 14th January - check your start time here:
Subsequent sessions take place at the same time on the 21st and 28th January 2022, and 4th and 11th February.
This series is aimed at people in European and Australasian timezones. Another course will be offered in coming months for those in the Americas.

How much does it cost?
The training is offered on a “pay what you can basis”. The suggested exchange is £50; you can pay more than that, or nothing. No-one will be excluded on financial grounds.

Who is it for?
There will be a maximum of 23 places, and is mainly open for current DA Facilitators. Participants who are willing to host or cohost regular Deep Listening gatherings for the wider DA network will be prioritised. There will be some spaces offered to participants outside DAF, in related networks and organisations, who are interested in DA and our facilitation approaches.

How to apply
Please apply here. Once you have completed the registration, please click here to make your donation.  Your place will be confirmed after your donation is received. If for any reason you are not able to make a financial contribution, please complete the application form, and then email [email protected], and your place will be confirmed.

This training will be facilitated by Katie Carr, previously senior facilitator and founding member of the DA Forum Core Team. Katie continues to facilitate Deep Relating group processes within DAF, and has accompanied many people and groups through their journeys of learning and unlearning. She teach DA leadership, and offers one-to-one deep relating as a DA Guide.

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