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Published on September 22, 2021 by Tom Schloegel

 Hello again!
Here we are, just past the equinox, another season full of widespread climate catastrophe. A sentiment often heard lately is that each year is the best of those yet to come. Some of us within the Deep Adaptation community think that our ‘Forum’ – a space for sustenance, for personal and collective restoration – helps rectify that proposition. DAF is also part of a broad ecosystem sharing similar aims that is percolating robustly right now. We encourage participation in the following events, with thanks to your support, which helps make some of them possible. 
  • DAF's next unique and wonderful Open Space gathering is scheduled for this Saturday. There are two options allowing for global participation. If you have not experienced the format, it is definitely worth dropping in. 
  • Another partnership opportunity beginning this weekend is the Transition US Regenerative Communities Summit, featuring a wide range of interactive panels, including a special session on Deep Adaptation on September 27. (Summit tickets are on a ‘pay-what-you-can’ donation basis.) 
  • Many in the DA community have found helpful resources for these times through the Active Hope/Work that Reconnects network. An online, at-your-own-pace, no-cost training is now available
  • Finally, a recent survey on the level of climate anxiety among young people has been in the news. Though DA is not (yet) geared towards those under the age of 18, all the offerings listed so far (and many more found here and here) aid such adaptive emotional reactions to threats, as do practical responses as well. (Sidebar: if you would consider helping DAF expand the events and resources we offer beyond Facebook and the like, please contact [email protected] – we have specific technology solutions in need of funding. And, if volunteering is of interest, please fill out this form.) 
Thank you for helping to sustain the DAF community and leverage our work with others  similarly focused on loving responses to our predicament. Your contributions offer spaces for grief, joy, and sharing practical adaptations, community building as a critical antidote to the modern paradigm that values individuality and separation over connection. We deeply appreciate you.
Feedback and questions always welcome – please use the Comment button below or my email listed above. 
With kindness, 

susan hammond

Posted on September 22, 2021

Thank you so much, Tom! DAF and you have been so supportive and helpful to me and all my beloveds, as well as every being on our planet during this truly overwhelming time. Personally, I am already signing up for the Active Hope course that you linked. Joanna Macy has been key to my life for years, and her book with Chris Johnston’s , Active Hope, is at the very top of my list for critical help in these times. Thank you for everything, Tom, everything.
Sue Hammond
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