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Deep Adaptation Gratitude Month - August 2022
Published on August 3, 2022 by Kathryn Soares

Dear DAF Supporter,

I am grateful.  For you.  For your presence in the Deep Adaptation community, and for choosing to support Deep Adaptation financially.

Thank you. 

Your generosity is multiplied many times over through the dedication of volunteers, united in their commitment to enabling and embodying loving responses to our predicament. 

In the words of community members, these loving responses have…

They have made it possible to turn back to the world and say:

Purpose.  Community.  Connection.

Your support enables this connection.  You make possible the loving responses that are turning personal breakdowns into breakthroughs.

Thank you.

With love,
Kat Soares
Core Team Coordinator
Deep Adaptation Forum 

P.S. I send this note in the spirit of ‘Lughnasadh’, the Gaelic festival marking the beginning of harvest - traditionally a time, in the northern hemisphere, where we celebrate and give thanks for the abundance of Mother Nature.   Over the month of August, the Deep Adaptation community is celebrating a month of gratitude. The month began with a post from Katie about Gratitude and her invitation to participate in the month’s activities and events as they’re announced in the DA Facebook group and in the events calendar on the website.