Open Collective
Open Collective
The Campaign was a success - thank you!
Published on April 1, 2021 by Tom Schloegel

It is now April 1 in every time zone, and Deep Adaptation Forum is thrilled and gratified to acknowledge you (and every contributor) who signed on to support our campaign. The private donor who offered matching funds was pleased that the pledge resulted in a groundswell of support from individuals passionate about Deep Adaptation. Collectively we've stepped up, and now have the gift of respite from fundraising while we focus our energy on what is to emerge throughout the rest of 2021. (That focus never stopped...but taking a break from asking provides a bit more space for reflection and compassionate action in response to our predicament).

DAF will use this communication channel with discretion. You can always reach out to us through Open Collective, and in coming weeks you'll begin to see our expenses listed here too, as we begin the second half of our effort at a transparent budget process. Meantime, we'll be using our primary platforms to communicate, collaborate, provide a schedule of events, share information, and offer support as we can. if you are not already immersed in our ecosystem, here are options:

DAF website
DAF Profession's Network (space for co-creating projects and resources)
LinkedIn (private DA group)
Facebook (private DA group)

If you wish to be more actively involved, we'd love to help make connections. DAF is primarily a volunteer-run effort. And if any of the information on these sites or about Deep Adaptation in general feels impenetrable or opaque, please reach out. We're here for you.

Thank you again for your commitment. We are deeply grateful.

With love,
The DAF Core Team and Community