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Video inspiration as the campaign deadline nears
Published on March 29, 2021 by Tom Schloegel

Dear DAF community member -

Thank you again for your support of Deep Adaptation Forum. We're doing well with the campaign though have a ways to go to our goal. We're grateful that the private donor who offered the challenge funds is committed to DAF, and we're doing all we can to show our good faith effort. In proper DA-fashion we're collaborators sharing a common purpose.

To that end, we've now created a video that describes Deep Adaptation in less than two minutes (speaking of a challenge!). If you are moved to send it to friends, peers, or whomever in the wider world might be interested in learning about our movement, please do so. There's an appeal for donations at the end, but the video tells a story that might inspire anyone seeking to make meaning out of our predicament, or looking to build community, to visit our website in search of learning and information.

If social media is of interest you might retweet the video on twitter. DAF also maintains a private group on facebook - please join if you wish, and/or share the video among your own network there.

Among all of this, please remember: we strive to enable and embody loving responses to our predicament, and however your support manifests itself is welcome and appreciated. 

With love,
The DA Forum Core Team

Richard Fuller

Posted on March 30, 2021

Regarding the video, at age 77, I find the print on the screen does not stay there long enough for me to read the whole thing. I realize it's a balance and that many people have a "clock speed" faster than mine.
This is just one vote of feedback, not a complaint.
I think that the piano music moves at a good pace. The video feels sped up. 
I appreciate the effort that was put into "less than 2 minutes", but I think "less than three minutes" would be OK too.
Thanks for making it.
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Tom Schloegel

Posted on March 30, 2021

Dear Richard Fuller - Thank you for your care in letting us know. How we each move through time - our 'clock speed' - is a beautiful concept to consider. There's also so much more we could say in the video...let's make longer versions that include other vital aspects about about Deep Adaptation. Seriously, perhaps we will. Meantime, I might stretch this version into a more stately pace, just for you. All the best. Thank you again for the feedback.