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Devstaff - Mar 2023 - React & Next.js

In this meetup, we'll dive into the basics of React and Next.js and explore some of their key features.

Thursday, March 9, 2023, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+03:00)
Created by: DevStaff


React is a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It's known for its declarative syntax, component-based architecture, and performance optimizations. Next.js, on the other hand, is a framework for building server-side rendered React applications. It adds features like automatic code splitting, server-side rendering, and static site generation. Together, React and Next.js offer a powerful combination for building modern web applications.

In this meetup, we'll dive into the basics of React and Next.js and explore some of their key features. Also, technologies that support building web applications from the React ecosystem will be presented. Whether you're new to React and Next.js or an experienced developer looking to deepen your skills, this meetup is for you!


  1. Integrate Next.js React Framework & Contentful CMS via GraphQL API (45 min) - Ioanna Parga & Yiannis Gamvetas
  2. Modern React Technologies (45 min) - Stavros Bastakis, Zacharias Fragkiadakis & Nikos Kleidis
Meetup will also have live streaming via Zoom for those who won't be able to join in-person. Zoom URL will be announced a few minutes before the meetup starts.

ğŸŽ During our meetup two (2) JetBrains licenses will be raffled to the participants!

Pizzas, beers and... socialising!
At the end of the meetup we will have the opportunity to discuss and socialise with some pizzas and beers! 🍕 🍺

As a final note - big thanks to our sponsors!

  1. Science and Technology Park of Crete (Step-C) (venue)
  2. JetBrains (licenses)
  3. Fairlo
  4. Advantage FSE
  5. Oxygen Pelatologio
  6. Vodafone Greece
  7. Best Price
  8. Telestrider
Sponsors keep the meetup free to attend, accessible and provide us with snacks and drinks that keep people around for discussions.
More information about our sponsorships and expenses can be found on DevStaff's Open Collective page.
Thank you! 👏 👏 👏


Science and Technology Park of Crete - Step-C