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Since its creation in 2018 #DiasporaVote! takes actions to create an inclusive and positive environment in order to highlight the potentials and contributions of the diaspora. We developed a Youth program to ensure that citizens, in particular young people from minorities and migrant backgrounds, understand and are included in the development of EU policies. 
#DiasporaVote is a citizens' initiative created in 2018: #DiasporaVote!, was initiated during the European electoral campaign of 2019. The objective was to allow young Europeans of foreign origin to become more involved in the electoral process, to understand the electoral intricacies. From this experience, we learned a lot about how to better engage with minorities in politics and how to empower them. The results of the European elections, the commitments in favour of youth, equality, social justice, economic justice, climate change and the renewal of the leaders of the European Commission are an opportunity to build, strengthen a lasting relationship and ensure that the diaspora is taken into account in the fight against exclusion, unemployment, discrimination, racism and the problems of hate speech which prevent the development of minorities of foreign origin in the European Union.  

We currently have 1 Youth programme we are running called: Work with your MEP
 The Work with your MEP program develops an inclusive and collaborative framework in which young people are more involved in the work of MEPs through the development of concerted action aimed at improving their lives. The use of this engagement methodology aims to bring young people in the diaspora closer to an understanding of EU policy, the SDGs and its legislative process. By integrating youth into the legislative process through mutual understanding and agreements on actions to be taken forward; Members of Parliament will give them the means to meet their needs. Young people want to be actors rather than observers of EU development. By going beyond the simple exchange and providing a framework in which young people can follow the progress of the implementation of the action agreed with the MEPs, this will build greater confidence in the importance of their vote; confidence in their representative and will help to stimulate their membership of the Union.        
#DiasporaVote! strongly believe in always providing spaces for knowledge exchange between the generation and exclude no one, and so in the programme, we have created a mentorship programme for people over 30, who wants to contribute and support youth action. 

The programme provides training to 60+ youth on the SDGs and EU policy-making framework, to gives them the skills and necessary understanding to provide actionable and possible inputs. The programme is run in 4 languages: French, Dutch, German and English and base on the MEPs expertise and work young people will be able to tackle issues from Human rights, fundamental rights; environment; health, culture, education, gender equality, discrimination and international trade.