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Ukraine Response has been archived.

Ukraine Response has been archived and is no longer active.

Ukraine Response


Support Distribute Aid today to continue strengthening the community-based responses supporting people displaced by the war in Ukraine.


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Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, Distribute Aid has built a Ukraine Response Project to support emergency relief groups in Ukraine and the bordering regions including: Poland, Moldova, and Romania. 

What has this project achieved so far?

  • We have delivered 4, currently 2 shipping and 4 planned end-to-end shipments of requested critical aid to groups in Moldova and Ukraine.
  • Via extensive outreach, we have gained an overarching understanding of the different aid groups across regions, what they provide, and their capacity. 
  • We have connected aid groups and put them into contact with each other to collaborate and organize efficient resource sharing such as:
  • Sharing transport options
  • Sharing of material aid
  • Sharing storage space

We have a growing understanding of the needs of individual groups, allowing for aid to be matched between sending and receiving groups on a request-basis only.  
  • We have a list of charities that are registered importers; who can assist with current and future aid shipments.
  • We have developed a cohesive understanding of the import process and the required certification documents.
  • Enabled medium-sized NGOs to gain access to a network of service providers and government entities. 

Your donation will allow us continue to provide support to Ukraine relief responses, such as:
  • Supplying groups with extensive guides so as to facilitate the export and import of critical aid across different regions. 
  • Expanding networks and connections to increase the collective impact and capacity of operations.
  • Further our understanding of the real situation on the ground, and create solutions to any inefficiencies that may exist. 
  • Increase our data collection on what the needs of aid groups are, and adapt the supply chain to fit the needs accordingly. 

Donate today to continue strengthening the community-based responses supporting people displaced by the war in Ukraine. 


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