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April in Review: Monthly Update
Published on May 30, 2023 by Adele

Welcome to Distribute Aid's Monthly overview update for April! 

0:00 Welcome 

0:22 Stats 
  • 6 shipments completed
    • Greece - 3
    • Lebanon - 2
    • France - 1
  • 150,547 items shipped
    • A wide variety of items, including: notebooks, Used shoes and Clothing, tents. sleeping bags, sunflower oil, soap bars,  New Comic Relief t-shirts
  • 37 organisations worked with. 4 of these are new:
    • Network for Children's Rights
    • Volunteer Help Center
    • GiveMed
    • Katalyst
1:19 Milestones
  1. A full shipment of oil was delivered to Greece, getting split up there to recipients from about 20 different orgs and saving 3349.5 euros
  2. A big thank you to Flexport for fully funding all shipments USA-UKR. They also granted funding when Glasgow the caring city donated a large volume of soap for DA to match. Flexport granted funding for this shipment through their COVID fund, and that’s a huge support!
  3. Distribute Aid gained 2 new full time members this month.
  • Stefano- Admin coordinator
  • Basil- Logistics coordinator
2:17 Photos
  1. This photo is from LHI-Utah for our first collaborative shipment to Odessa, Ukraine. They had just loaded the container with the first relief-goods cargo mission for Odessa. We have a strategic partnership with LHI and IsraAid (the receiving party in Odessa). Team members have been working on this shipment throughout april, and it was completed on may 1st.
  2. This picture shows a couple people loading boxes into a truck shipping clothing and shoes to Lebanon. Europe cares has been sending shipments from germany to lebanon as part of the Fabric Aid campaign, and this is the 3rd container for the campaign. It contained 317 boxes of mixed clothing and shoes, which is over 15,000 items.
  3. This is a picture from a shipment that was completed this month where roughly 5,000 tents were sent from China to northern france, where displaced people are forced to live outside. The environment here is extremely tough, and people face evicitons every 48 hours. If you’re interested in hearing more about the situation in Northern france, please go check out this month’s Bigger Picture video!

3:56 Deeper Dive:
(Stefano Ferraro)
First community-collected container sent from the UK since Brexit! This shipment from The Highlands is the first community-collected container we have sent from the UK since Brexit. It represents a huge win for us and the whole network. Half of the container went to Offene Arme on Chios and the other half went to the CRR warehouse in Athens. It was difficult to effectively match the aid on the second half of the container as THSR loaded additional stock to what was agreed during the aid matching process and this additional stock was not needed in Greece.]

7:21 Media recommendation:
This month, our media recommendation is a podcast called Forced to flee.
It was started by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, or UNHCR.
It’s been over 70 years since the 1951 refugee convention was signed, and this outlined refugees rights and the international standards of treatment for protection. However, refugees are among the most vulnerable people in the world, and the number of displaced people globally is constantly increasing. So this podcast reflects on the their struggles and the long term challenges, options, and implications as we head into the future. Go check it out if you’re interested, and we also have more media recommendations on our instagram.