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2023 Q4 Overview Donor Update
Published on January 26, 2024 by Stefano
Welcome to Distribute Aid's Overview for the fourth quarter of 2023! 0:24 Stats: 5 Countries Shipped to 78,300 Items Shipped 9 Groups in our USA Hubs Network 1:16 Milestones: Taylor Fairbank spoke at Halmstad University Giving Tuesday Fundr...
End of The Year Update
Published on December 21, 2023 by Stefano
September Monthly Overview Donor Update
Published on October 25, 2023 by Stefano
Welcome to Distribute Aid's monthly overview for September! · 0:13 Milestones: - First in-person fundraiser - US Needs Assessment - Annual General Meeting 1:53 Statistics: -1 shipment to U...
Welcome to Distribute Aid's August Monthly overview update! 2 Stats · - 2 shipments delivered.- 3 new organisations worked with. 3 Milestones · - Lush Charity Pot Grant.- First project pu...
July in Review
Published on September 18, 2023 by Taylor Fairbank
Welcome to Distribute Aid's July Monthly overview update! 3 Stats · * 880,000 Items requested in July * 1.3 Million Items requested in 2023 * 330, 000 Items shipped 3 Milestones · * In-Kind donation of soap...
Monthly Update: June in Review
Published on July 26, 2023 by Taylor Fairbank
Welcome to Distribue Aid's June Monthly overview update! 3 Stats30,161 Needs Met2 New Volunteers - Chase and Bridgette77 Organisations Worked With3 MilestonesDA was named “Best Humanitarian Aid Organisation...
Hello and welcome to Distribute Aid's (DA) monthly overview update for the month of May! 3 Stats2 - shipments delivered24,981 - items shipped€233,563.75 - value to end beneficiary3 MilestonesFirst shipment...
April in Review: Monthly Update
Published on May 30, 2023 by Adele
Welcome to Distribute Aid's Monthly overview update for April! 0:00 Welcome 0:22 Stats 6 shipments completedGreece - 3Lebanon - 2France - 1150,547 items shippedA wide variety of items, including: notebooks, Used shoes and Clothing, tents. s...
February Update Video!
Published on March 31, 2023 by Adele
February Overview Stats3 shipments completed110,460 items shipped63,000+ basic human needs metMilestonesFirst USA-to-Greece Shipment: We delivered our fi...
Monthly Project Overview
Published on December 22, 2022 by Adele
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