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Meet the people behind Distribute Aid!
Published on November 4, 2021 by Sara Lonegard

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Distribute Aid is a not-for-profit organisation that provides logistical expertise to over 100 humanitarian grassroots groups across Europe and Lebanon. We create efficient solutions for the sourcing, delivery, and distribution of aid so as to help humanitarian groups scale their impact in supporting refugees, migrants, and displaced people. After focusing our efforts on Europe for three years, we are excited to announce the expansion of our operations to organised aid efforts and natural disaster response in the United States. There are three main operational models we will bring with us: 

is a guide that provides a standardised system for the sorting and sizing of items. It helps minimize waste and duplication of effort between groups that collect donations and those who distribute them. It also cuts costs and hours spent on inventory. 

Needs Assessment
is a report that summarizes exactly what aid is needed from groups on the ground every three months. Distribute Aid collects the large-scale needs data from the groups we work with, and make the information available to in-kind donors and donation collection groups to help inform their decisions on what aid to gather and where to send it. Not only does it highlight the huge gaps in service provision left by official responders, but it improves the efficiency of the humanitarian aid supply chain from start to finish. 

In-Kind Donations
works in parallel with the Needs Assessments. By understanding what is needed where in what quantities, we can reach out to large manufacturers or companies and help them manage the logistics of donating their stock to dozens of smaller organisations.