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tasks => { doit + shell + pyton } => done


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Credit from BTCode to doit

Financial contribution to doit

Credit from Roman Vlasov to doit

Financial contribution to doit

Credit from Holger Bruch to doit

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the tool for stateful processing of your interdependent tasks powered by:

  • nuclear power-plant within your shell
  • python batteries
  • doit processing engine

doit is mature project started in 2008 by @schettino72 and maintained by him up to date. It already serves years in numerous projects to:

  • simplify cumbersome command line calls,
  • automate complex data processing or typical project related actions,
  • share unified way of doing things,
  • optimize processing time by skipping things already done.

People often compare doit to tools like make, grunt or gulp but they always appreciate

  • strong features and flexibility
  • simplicity of authoring and ease of use
  • python

Current focus

Maintain existing code-base

The aim is to keep the product in shape and usable.

Abandoned open-source project does not work for long. Thriving project requires a maintainer to keep list of issues and list of pull requests short.

Financial goal is 500 USD per month to allow the maintainer working few hours a week on the project.

Main capacity shall be provided by @schettino72

Long term vision

B: Rewrite documentation

The aim is to lower initial learning barrier for newcomers to get them on board and to help pro-users to unlock more features and earn fame.

Existing documentation is good as it served well existing users. But we can serve better. Inspired by great talk What nobody tells you about documentation by Daniele Procida we plan to rewrite the documentation into following parts:

  • Introduction (basic features overview)
  • Quick start and tutorials
  • Reference documentation
  • Concepts
  • How-to's

C: Promote

We believe, many more users deserve doit and we shall help them to know about it.

Promotion may have form of:

  • helping selected python projects to adopt doit as internal tool
  • video presentations
  • presentation(s) at pycon(s)

D: Launch doit task libraries

Grunt library has over 6000 tasks, gulp has over 3000 plug-ins.

doit has similar potential. E.g. doit-py covers python code specific tasks. Few lines of code in to lint the code; run the tests and measure coverage; build and upload package; spell, build and publish sphinx based documentation.

Why to contribute?


  • You can already use existing power of the tool.
  • The github doit repository shows stable, long term activity with small but existing community of secondary contributors.
  • You can see, we have clear plan and priorities.
  • You can improve your productivity with maintained tool and streamlined documentation.
  • You can doit.

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