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Open Collective
2020 #2
Published on November 2, 2020 by loleg

Profile feature part of a release 'in memoriam'

As mentioned in the last update, we are in the middle of a season of hackathons, with lots of usage and development in this project.
The latest dribdat release adds a long sought profile feature with an automatically generated listing of projects that user has contributed to. For everybody who wants a chance in the spotlight, having a page with their username, a short biography, hackathon roles and goals on it, could be quite useful. And it should help participants of a hackathon to get to know each other online.
I have dedicated this release to Sean Connery, who passed away while we were finishing up a hackathon last Saturday.
We developed the user profile feature in consultation with the organisers of the MakeZurich event, who gave lots of feedback and design refinements during the virtual (!) open hardware event last week. Also with inputs from this event, Sync support for Instructables was added - a popular platform for uploading recipes for hardware hacks.
Speaking of cool platforms, users can now more easily include rich content like videos on YouTube or images from Imgur in their project documentation through support for Oneboxing. A link to an external resource will be formatted in a widget similarly to the way this happens in platforms like Discourse.
Additional features in this release include a refined administrative interface, with paginated views and new dashboards reflecting the growing sophistication and participant counts of dribdat-powered events. Thanks to the team for their inputs and support here.
Last but not least, time zone support has been updated to ensure that site operators don't have to fiddle with event times to ensure an accurate countdown. Set your watches, and keep up the good hacks!
We have some additional featuresets in the works as we progress into November, and have just posted here about an upcoming one in December which is bringing us into new - yet somehow very familiar - territory.
The project is now backed by a properly set up fiscal host. Please share this update, encourage others to give dribdat a try or contribute, and stay safe in these testing times 🤗