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Hi 👋 dyrectorio is an open-source container management platform that abstracts away interactions with your applications in Docker and Kubernetes. We designed this platform to offer a solution to complex technical and cultural difficulties surrounding software version management and deployments.

Imagine that Heroku meets Portainer and then gets combined with – that’s dyrectorio. It enables teams to build up their software delivery pipeline like building blocks.

Here's how it works: you connect the platform to your server – or cluster, or computer – where you’d like to run the application. Then add your container registry to the platform. Through the UI you're able to deploy your container images available in your registry to your cloud or on-premises infrastructure. Besides all of these capabilities, you’re able to manage your versions, instances and the configuration that belongs to them.

We're happy to answer any questions, feel free to ask. In the meantime, the most important one: What makes dyrectorio special?
  • Intuitive UI to support self-service infrastructures: No matter the level of technical knowledge, the platform’s users can do deployments in a self-service manner. No more waiting for a Docker or Kubernetes expert.
  • Applications you use are available as presets: Oh, you need WordPress, like, right now? Cool. Preset applications called Templates are deployable implementations of open-source projects., WordPress, Minecraft Server, Strapi & more available now.
  • No strings attached: Whether your team uses Docker or Kubernetes, hosts applications on AWS, GCP or Azure, the platform is ready to accelerate your processes. dyrectorio is made cloud provider agnostic to provide freedom and flexibility of how organizations get things done.
  • Less misconfiguration & debugging: Bypass YAML-welding & pipeline failures with the platform. Configuration screens abstract away the execution part of configuration management. Use config filters to keep the necessary variables visible – while keeping the door open for configuration management in JSON.
  • Instant sandbox environments: You can turn your own machine into a sandbox environment for testing purposes in a minute. When you're done testing, you can shut it down immediately. dyrectorio doesn’t provide any infrastructure, so you don’t have to migrate your services from the infrastructure where they’re hosted at.
  • Most popular tools supported: Discord, Slack & Teams chat notifications are available to keep your team in the loop. Docker Hub, GitLab, GitHub & Google Container Registries are supported, as well as all Docker HTTP API V2 registries.

Why are we asking for your donation?

dyrectorio is open-source, will always be. This wouldn't be possible without an entire engineering team working full-time on the project. We're confident that an open-source project, such as dyrectorio, can't put restrictions on how users interact with self-hosted applications. We'll never restrict self-hosted usage and capabilities in any shape or form. To maintain full access to self-hosted users, we're asking for your support, so we can keep working on the project.

As a 100% bootstrapped project, transparent operation is the only way we can imagine the platform. The development of the project is completely user-feedback driven. Self-hosted users of the platform gain as much functionality as beta users, and it'll remain the same when the platform has free & paid plans.

Can you take a second to take a closer look at our logo? It's a clapperboard. For software, dyrectorio is like the clapperboard at a movie production. But instead of actors, the platform tells containers 'ACTION!'

You can try the platform at

If you need instructions with on-boarding, check out official docs at

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