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e-state faq

What is e-state?

e-state is a peer-to-peer network for communities to own and invest in their own neighborhoods.

What is e-state’s mission?

e-state will guarantee sustainable, affordable housing for all urban dwellers worldwide through cutting edge information, financial and manufacturing technologies.

What pain does e-state relieve?

e-state empowers millions of people who could otherwise never afford it to buy home equity in the neighborhoods they grew up in. Currently, tucking away 5% of their yearly income, the average 30 year old in Los Angeles will have enough saved up for the down payment on a home by age 73. As jobs and economic opportunities concentrate in cities, rent rises drastically in these areas, where increased demand from out of towners with wealthy families meet restricted housing supply. With e-state, local urban youth can profit from the value increases of their neighborhood, instead of getting priced out as gentrification takes hold, taking the culture and character of our cities with them.

How does e-state work?

How does e-state generate revenue?

Magic. e-state generates revenue by earning tokens on its own network, and by developing the value of assets, goods, and services on the network so these tokens grow as much as possible in value. We do this in  numerous ways, including

  • Acquiring and recording property data;

  • Earning equity share in community property investments in exchange for developing them, then collecting rent in proportion to our equity share;

  • Providing in-house project engineering services to both community investors and individual owners

We earn through hard work, just like everyone else on the network. We have no pre-mine, no instamine, no founder’s tax, no mining fees, no investor token pool, and no unfairness or headstart in any of our crypto economic mechanisms.

What gives $RENT its value?

Anyone can rent a unit in an e-state building at a predetermined, fixed amount of $RENT. Therefore, the rental value of e-state homes on the market determines the value of $RENT.

Isn't $RENT just company scrip?

No. Company scrip means currency issued by a company to pay employees, that employees can only spend with that company. Holders of $RENT earn housing rights in the e-state ecosystem, but $RENT functions just like cash in that anyone can elect to accept $RENT as payment for anything . 

Is $RENT a security?

No. $RENT is only issued as a reward for certain e-state tenants, and cannot be created via sale, purchase or any kind of investment. Though the value of $RENT on the market may increase over time, they are not issued in exchange for any form of payment with the expectation of a profit. 

Why will homeowners sell on e-state?

In the early stages, homeowners will want to sell on e-state because it gives them access to immediate liquidity on a global market, with the option to execute exotic transactional setups like equity sharing with relative ease. Eventually, property owners will need to sell on e-state because we provide the only market people trust for home buying and investment.

Why will home investors and buyers buy on e-state?

e-state gives prospective home buyers and investors the ground truth on local property, empowering the crowd to enrich property profiles with everything people need to make an informed buying decision. They can invest in a few easy clicks rather than going through realtors and lawyers, with as little or as much money as they want. Plus, it gives them a hand in preserving and prospering from their own neighborhoods.

How do e-state investors get a return on their investment?

e-state investors invest not in e-state itself, but the Future Modern cooperative which owns and operates the e-state Foundation. As Future Modern’s ventures grow and accrue profits, investors will earn proportionally to their investment in the overall cooperative. 

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