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Open Collective

Affordable, Online Permaculture Course Development

Fiscal Host: Adriane

to make permaculture education affordable and accessible for all


A major barrier to learning about permaculture and regenerative techniques is the cost and accessibility of high quality, high standard course material.  Most people want to learn the methods and skills to apply closed-systems design thinking practically in their lives in order to contribute to a transition to regenerative economic, agricultural, industrial, and consumer behavior.  But to obtain quality education, they have to devote a lot of money and time to earning a Permaculture Design Certification.  

It is The Earthius Project's goal to develop and platform a low-cost or sliding scale course online that addresses the practical application of permaculture ethics and principles in daily life, business models, and society organization.

Expenses for R&D, platform fees, professional services, and expert consultation are funded by generous donors like you.

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