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Open Collective

Regenerative Landscape & Lifestyle Design Services

Fiscal Host: Adriane

to offer regenerative landscape and lifestyle consultation and design services to homeowners, community projects, business properties, and conservation projects


The landscape design and architecture fields could become a major player in the effort to transition human environmental impact from destructive to regenerative.  Instead of lawns, native plants on 7 layers. Instead of sprinklers, roof catchment and swales; instead of erosion, soil building; instead of silent monocultured forests, noisy underbrush, ponds and pollinator meadows.  Instead of consuming, our clients learn to produce with a tiny footprint.  

With donor funding, we can offer these services for lower prices, thus reaching more people and giving more equitable access to these skills, methods, and knowledge.

Our team

Adriana Chanmala

The ant does not worry about its own welfare, b...


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Financial Contributions

Consultation & Design Client Payments

Use this Tier to make payments for consultation and design services. These payments help support the salaries and staffing expenses of The Earthiu... Read more

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$25 USD
Change-Maker Donation

Use this Tier to make a one-time or recurring donation to our services funding. This fund helps subsidize salaries in order to allow us to keep ou... Read more

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