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Support Pekaira has been archived and is no longer active.

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CAMPAIGN CLOSED. Thanks for your support for Whaea Pekaira Rei.


Transparent and open finances.

by Pekaira Rei

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Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), which owns the property, has not undertaken the necessary maintenance over the last five years, creating a very unhealthy environment for Pekaira and her family. 

Consequently, Pekaira is now living in a friend's lounge in a 1 bedroom apartment in Lower Hutt, her children are living in Whanganui (3 hours from Wellington), and her grandson Te Rangi (who many of us have met), is being homeschooled as he doesn’t have anywhere to live in Wellington where he usually goes to school.
This is unfair, disappointing and wrong in so many ways.

For more context you can:
If you've met Pekaira, you know how loving she is and how much she gives to this Fellowship, her whānau and her iwi Te Ātiawa Taranaki Whānui. Please consider a koha to help with temporary accommodation and funds to pay any legal fees that may result from discussions with Land Information NZ.

Our goal is $25,000 NZD so she has enough money to find accommodation for her and her family, and hopefully, enough to pay a lawyer to take her case so she doesn’t have to deal with all of this by herself.
LINZ has said they will fix her house, but they have said that before and haven’t done it, and they haven’t offered compensation or an alternative home.

I know this whānau will support its members. Any contribution will be hugely appreciated.

The Goal: $25,000
Based on the basic market rate for a rental in Wellington ($500/week), we'd like to cover 8 months (~$16k) minimum and have a target 12 month goal (~$25k) to give her buffer and confidently bring her grandkids home. Ex. a koha of $500 will cover 1 week of cost :) 

(Pekaira is aware of this campaign as I'm in close contact with her. She has been my auntie since we meet years ago, she is my family here. This comes from me as her family, and not as EHF)


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