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Welcome to the EHF Community Collective!

This is a Collective belonging to the EHF Fellowship community.   

Fellows can use this Collective to fundraise, crowdfund, contribute to a shared financial resource pool,  and run campaigns. The intention is to connect the range of resources across our network, rally mutual aid and better support initiatives that enrich the EHF community as a whole.

Contributions can be made to the General Fund or to any of the Projects listed below.  Contributions to the General Fund cannot be tagged or restricted.  For the General Fund, allocation decisions are made by Fellows who are part of the Kaitiaki Group. Funds contributed to Projects will be allocated as described.  All Fellows are invited to propose Projects - for more details on how to do this, see the FAQ document.

The EHF Community Collective is currently stewarded by a Fellow-led Working Group. Current members are Andrew Hoppin, Janine Edge and Hannah Smith. They are supported by Alanna Irving as initiator of the EHF Community Collective and manager of the fiscal host, Open Collective NZ. Guided by principles of fairness, transparency and inclusivity, the Working Group is in the process of developing policies and practice for how the EHF Community Collective functions.  Our thinking so far is outlined here.

If you'd like to create a Project, get involved in the Working Group, help steward the General Fund or have any questions, please get in touch with us here


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EHF General Fund

Support work that enriches and extends the EHF Community. Funds contributed here cannot be tagged or restricted by the donor. Funding allocation ... Read more


Support the following initiatives from EHF Community.



EHF Huddles and the Impact Springboard and HUDDLESx initiatives

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Support Pekaira

Our beloved Pekaira Rei is facing a very challenging time as she has been forced to leave her fam...

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EHF Scholarships

A fund for scholarships in the EHF community

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EHF Connectorship

Supporting people and initiatives that foster greater connectedness and connectivity across the E...

Connected Collectives

Connected Collective

The Connectorship Project

Growing connectedness, connectivity and connectorship - with purpose

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Connected Collective

Tolaga Bay Innovation

Indigenous empowerment through enterprise and technology

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Connected Collective

Happen Films

Stories for a Changing World

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Connected Collective


Contributing towards the reduction of antibiotic resistance to create positive global impact thro...

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EHF Community is hosting the following events.


EHF Wellington Meet Up: Pizza at Mevo

05:30 AM UTC
Meet Up for EHF Fellows and other good humans


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Past event

Ōtautahi Celebration & Connection - May 2021

07:00 AM UTC
An evening of celebration, stories and connecting with other Fellows in Ōtautahi Christchurch.

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Past event

HuddlesX Auckland

05:00 AM UTC
Another installment of HuddlesX Auckland to meet and support each other

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Past event

Fellow Breakfast at Wrestler

07:00 PM UTC
Continue the mingle at Wrestler (Fellow Kat Lintott & Ben Forman). We'll learn more about Wrestle...Read more

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News from EHF Community

Updates on our activities and progress.

Pekaira campaign update & how *you* can use this funding platform

Kia ora te whānau, A lot has happened with the EHF Community Collective in the month since our last update! Exciting momentum continues around this as a platform for supporting activities that increase connectedness and enrich our fellowshi...
Read more
Published on May 27, 2021 by Alanna Irving

The EHF Community Collective is off to a great start!

Since launching the EHF Community Collective, we have seen an amazing outpouring of manaakitanga (generosity, support). So, first of all, a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed! Ngā mihi nui ki a koe. Fellows can...
Read more
Published on April 27, 2021 by Alanna Irving