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Welcome to the EHF Community Collective!

EHF is a New Zealand based fellowship of world-class entrepreneurs and investors on a journey to create positive impact for the world. 

Fellows can use this Collective to fundraise, crowdfund, contribute to a shared financial resource pool, run campaigns—however we want to use it! The intention of this Collective is to rally mutual aid and support for Fellows in need, come together as a community, and gather support for initiatives that enrich the EHF community as a whole.

If you'd like to create a funding campaign under this Collective, get involved in helping to run it, or have any questions, click 'contact' at the top of this page.


What will money raised here be spent on?
There are a few different ways to raise money using this Collective:

  1. General contributions: People giving a one off or recurring donation (e.g. $20/month or $900 once)—for now these funds will just accumulate until we as a community decide a process for spending them (e.g. Cobudget, a grant application process, etc).

  2. Fundraising campaigns: Any Fellow is welcome to set up a specific campaign under this Collective, for example to raise money for a specific Fellow in need or an initiative they want to launch for the community. A campaign like this will get its own mini crowdfunding page and people can send the link around encouraging people to donate to that specific purpose.

  3. Events: You can create an event under this Collective, and sell tickets to raise money (or offer free tickets). Those funds will go toward event expenses or the kaupapa the event is fundraising for.
How do I know my money will go where it should?
Open Collective is designed for transparency, so the whole community will be able to see where money comes from and what it's spent on.

How is this different from other crowdfunding platforms?
In addition to transparency, the exciting difference is fundholding and fiscal sponsorship. That means OCNZ will hold the funds in its bank account, assume legal liability, deal with taxes and compliance, etc. This makes it much easier for anyone to raise and spend money without having to worry about incorporation or any of that stuff.

Can I use this to raise money for my own venture or project?
This Collective is specifically for campaigns and initiatives focused on supporting and enriching the EHF community itself. If you'd like to have a similar Collective for your own project, you are more than welcome to create one! Any NZ project can sign up with OCNZ, and there are also other fiscal hosts like Open Collective Foundation for US charity initiatives and Open Source Collective for open source software projects (see all hosts).

Who is behind this?
C5 Fellow Alanna Irving created this Collective. She's the founder of Open Collective NZ and works with the international Open Collective team. Creating this resource for EHF fellows was a big motivator for her bringing the concept to Aotearoa! C4 Fellow Peter Maher got involved after running a fundraising campaign in the community to help out an EHF team member and realising how powerful that could be, and how much of an admin headache when you don't use a purpose-built tool.

Is this run by Edmund Hillary Fellowship, Ltd?
No. This is an independent initiative started by EHF fellows. No money donated will go through EHF Ltd's accounts. The EHF core team is not a gatekeeper or involved in any official capacity, and also takes no responsibility for the activity here. All the legals and financials are under the umbrella of Open Collective NZ.

Can I get involved in managing our Collective?
Yes! Open Collective is designed to be managed by multiple admins, as a true Collective. If you're interested in helping out, click 'contact' at the top of this page. We want to be fully transparent and accessible to all Fellows. If this Collective grows we'll look into formalising its governance more.

How can I learn more?
Watch this video or read this blog post.

I want to start raising money here!
Great! Just click 'contact' at the top of this page and let us know what you want to do!

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