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ElectricSheep Podcast has been archived.

ElectricSheep Podcast has been archived and is no longer active.

ElectricSheep Podcast

Towards a Transitioning, Commons & Network-based Economy, Sociocracy, effective Collective Intelligence, Zero Waste, Permaculture & a vegan-friendly city


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This collective is all about the BrusselsTogether podcast. What we do:

  • make 10 minutes interviews with citizen innovators in Brussels and make them available as individual episodes, both on the website and in Apple Podcasts and other platforms; later, those will be searchable on the website.
  • research and document each episode with relevant links
  • promote our guests using social media
  • write a (bi-)monthly newsletter


Help improve the website / Recruit interesting guests / lend hardware (good mics) / do transcripts of the interviews / write articles