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ElectroCRUD 2 (beta)


Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) are the four basic functions of persistent storage (Database).


After a failed search for a basic admin panel that not involves writing code or installs web-based solutions, I come with ElectroCRUD idea.

ElectroCRUD v1

The ElectroCRUD v1 was born in 2016, An Electron application that made it possible to create a friendly dashboard with data tables, search, widgets, filter & relations with few clicks without any experience in programming.

ElectroCRUD v2

After a few years that the project was inactive, I decided to bring it an alive again. The codebase was build from scratch using Electron+Angular8. Many of the original functionality is still missing, but I'm working to cover backward compatibility.


  • [x] MySQL Support
  • [x] SSH Tunnels
  • [x] Accounts (represent a database)
  • [x] Add / Edit
  • [x] Test connection (ssh, db)
  • [ ] Export / Import
  • [x] Views (represent a table)
  • [x] Add new view & Edit view configurations
  • [x] Data table with pagination
  • [x] Search
  • [x] Permissions (C,R,U,D)
  • [x] Terminology
  • [x] Selection of columns to display or search by
  • [x] Add new record / Edit record
  • [x] Edit record
  • [ ] Export data in various formats like: csv, dump
  • [ ] Views relations
  • [ ] One to one, One to many
  • [ ] Drill from view to view
  • [x] View widgets (display aggregated data in the view)
  • [x] Add / Edit / Remove widgets
  • [x] Aggregation functions (AVG, SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT)
  • [ ] Apply filters on widget data
  • [x] View filters (build where clauses to filter the data)
  • [x] Add / Edit / Remove filter in each view
  • [x] One click apply / unapply on view data
  • [x] Simple & friendly interface to build where clauses
  • [ ] Process manager (view running queries)
  • [ ] Export / Import of all user accounts.


  • [x] MySQL/MariaDB
  • [ ] MSSQL
  • [ ] PostgreSQL
  • [ ] Oracle

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