Embroidermodder 2


A graphical user interface for creating and altering embroidery machine files.


Embroidermodder 2 is a free machine embroidery application. The development version of version 2.0 aims to provide the same features as the original Embroidermodder from 2013 (on sourceforge originally, link is now dead):
  • edit and create embroidery designs
  • estimate the amount of thread and machine time needed to stitch a design
  • convert embroidery files to a variety of formats
  • upscale or downscale designs
  • run on Windows, Mac and Linux
Features we are extending Embroidermodder with for version 2:
  • create geometric primitives and fill them with stitches
  • import paths as templates
  • import images as templates
  • choose between a range of fills
  • alter pattern metadata directly
Current Work

We are currently re-engineering Embroidermodder from the ground up in SDL2. This will slow down development significantly, but it makes it feasible to build on an average PC with a basic build environment. We want to keep the download small _and_ package all the dependencies with the software.

For more information, see our website and development version.


We accept donations to our main donation page, rather than the 3 individual projects as we only have 2 core developers and rare contributions of others.

Our team