A C library for our Embroiderymodder and other embroidery software.


libembroidery aims to be a low-level library for reading, writing, and programmatically manipulating digital embroidery files, available to in many different programming languages. 

Currently, libembroidery is the underlying library that is used by Embroidermodder 2 and is developed by the Embroidermodder team. It handles over 45 different embroidery specific formats as well as several non-embroidery specific vector formats. 

It also includes a CLI called embroider that allows for better automation of changes to embroidery files and will be more up-to date than the Embroidermodder 2 GUI.


We accept donations on our main donation page, rather than the individual project pages. We're currently dividing effort based on issues submitted to the GitHub pages and what chains of dependencies there are for those priorities. For example fixing bugs in the file read/write functions is the current priority as it affects all uses of the Embroidermodder project.

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