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2022 in review - A new dawn for OCE
Published on March 1, 2023 by Jean-François De Hertogh

This blogpost shows how much Open Collective Europe's activity has increased in 2022. It has been a busy year in many ways and we are proud of our community! Check it out!

The year 2022 was an earth-shattering one in many ways for Open Collective Europe! 2022 was the first year in which we decided to devote more time and resources to improve the service and above all to increase our societal impact.

In Europe, the year was mainly marked by the war in Ukraine, for which we mobilized. Today, more than €500.000 of aid (money, material, humanitarian aid) have been sent to Ukraine. Thank you to all the people who initiated these projects and their contributors!

In total, contributions grew nearly 6x over the previous year, to €1,5m+ from 6000+ unique donors, and the number of amazing Collectives we host nearly doubled, to 300. Over €650.000 was paid out to over 1000 social entrepreneurs, community builders, researchers, and persons in urgent need. And, to keep up with all this growth, we launched a new website, developed our team and evolved as an organization. 

2022 Leaderboard

Top Collectives by number of contributors

  • 778:  DevFest for Ukraine,  a charitable tech conference to raise money to support Ukraine.
  • 551: Support Ukraine Now, a volunteer movement aimed at providing Ukraine with most effective help from foreigners.
  • 381:, a community providing a Mastodon instance to be used by anyone.

Top Collectives by amount raised

Top Funders

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