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Two to sign features on Open Collective
Published on February 21, 2022 by Jean-François De Hertogh

 Published originally on 15 février 2022 by Benjamin Nickolls 

"As we empower ever-larger communities to manage their money together we're beginning to look more closely at our governance tools. Today we're launching the first part of a 'two-to-sign' process that ensures at least two people are involved in the payment of an expense.

We've added an option under the Policies section of your Collective's Settings to stop admins from approving their own expenses:

With this feature enabled admins will require another admin to approve their expenses before they are passed to hosts for payment. This is an early launch of a feature for Collectives that merely supports a good-faith agreement between admins. i.e. another admin could merely disable this feature to circumvent it.

Is this something you would prefer to enforce as a host? Is it something that you'd like to have enforced as a Collective? We're keen to hear what you think. Leave your comments on this post or email [email protected]."