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A group of European individuals dedicated to coordinated efforts in developing SSB forwards


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This opencollective aims to answer the question "Where should I donate if i want to help progress the ssb ecosystem?" Because right now we have 2 answers that are not ideal:
1. The SSBC OC. Has the same goal but has very unclear governance. In contrast, ESC has a clear member list and decision-making process.
2. A client-specific OC, such as Manyverse. This can be very productive, but funding 1 app (with a bdfl) doesn't feel like the best way to progress an entire ecosystem.

If you donate to this opencollective then we in the European Scuttlebutt Collective ( ) will try to distribute that money in the best possible way for the future of SSB. The exact process isn't decided yet, but as a start, every time we've raised 500USD we will deliberate on where that money can be best put to use. We might do this internally in ESC, or by having the community help in the deliberation.

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