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Dear supporters and friends of FileZilla Server, The first edition of the...
FileZilla Server Security Alert
Published on November 2, 2021 by Roberto Galoppini
We have fixed a directory traversal vulnerability affecting all previous versions of FileZilla Server 1.x. All FileZilla Server 1.x MUST update, download the last version from...
Over 1 year later we started developing a brand new version of the FileZilla Server, and it is time to share how this is going. FileZilla Server code base is taking shape, and we are still aiming to ship our first release, possibly by the e...
6 months ago we started re-engineering FileZilla Server, today we released a short video to explain what we are up to. Check it out on YouTube!
To support the development of FileZilla Server and all associated community effort, we have to rely on sponsorship revenues. As web users and developers we are concerned with how the advertising industry manage users' privacy nowadays, t...
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