Getting Phase 1 Started
Published on April 27, 2020 by Todd S Anderson

Phase 1 answers the question, "How to empower others to 3D print quality surfboard fins?"

These are the details involved with answering that:

• Write up legal agreements that will empower me to own the digital files I design and share, while empowering others to be able to sell productions based on these designs, and even digital remixes of these designs.

• Explore technical writing details such as a wiki to make it simple for myself and others to compile instructions and tips around how to use a 3D printer and supporting tools to make quality surfboard fins based on the designs found on, or any other source of 3D printable fin designs.

° How to choose a 3D printer and obtain it where you live.

° How to get filament for your 3D printer. How much, what type, how to store & prepare.

° How to print surfboard fins and post-process them.

• Organize a business structure for my project that will serve my needs but also be empowering for others who may want to participate.

° Distributorship & international franchise? Make the int'l franchise contract cheap and simple.

• Devise a method for making my budgets outside of open collective transparent to here, in order to maintain a trusting relationship with anyone contributing through this space.