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Finmas brings surfboard fins into developing world surfers' hands via 3D printing. Every surfboard needs fins but they are expensive and very difficult to obtain in these areas. introduces a solution to this problem.


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Getting Phase 1 Started

Phase 1 answers the question, "How to empower others to 3D print quality surfboard fins?"These are the details involved with answering that:• Write up legal agreements that will empower me to own the digital files I design and share, whi...
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Published on April 27, 2020 by Todd S Anderson


Looking into gitlab as a host for documentation, processes, resources, code and a wiki.
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Published on March 28, 2020 by Todd S Anderson


'Finmas' describes these surfboard fins as well as the new possibilities they represent.

  Mas means More in Spanish, and I've decided to name the fins I'm designing Finmas for two reasons:
  1. They are much thicker than normal surfboard fins
  2. These fins can be 3D printed, which could give many more people access to surfboard fins.
  Thicker fins create much more lift than normal fins when moving through water. This gives surfers more paddling speed and more ability when surfing on a wave.
 These thicker fin designs also make them the first ever fins to be strong enough for surfing when 3D printed! This innovation can be very empowering for surfers in New World Economy areas, because a set of these fins can be printed for just $5 in material. Currently the only way to obtain surfboard fins in these areas is to buy them from a surf shop. If one is lucky enough to have a surf shop in their area, a set of fins costs at least $60 but it's more likely to cost $90 or more.

  Better access to surfboard fins might seem like a trival problem, but it's not. Surfing is a sport that can be very empowering for people, especially in places with little access to jobs and education. Learning to surf gives a person something inspiring to do, and along the way one learns how to connect with nature, navigate the intertidal zone and spend time around other surfers. 
Becoming a proficient surfer empowers one to be able to teach surfing, guide travelers, learn other languages and connect with more people and areas.

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