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Helped start Beeline Reader's reading technology, current focus is Wide background of experience, plus a bachelor's in computer engineering.


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 I've always been interested in finding ways to work that'd both expose me to what's possible in science and humanity. That lead me to studying computer engineering, and surfing. Over the years I've learned many things, and most recently a long held dream has begun to become a possibility with this Finmas project I'm creating.
 How could I make a habit of introducing empowering things to communities I come across as I explore Earth in search of surf? In my time spent abroad, I could see that many communities lacked interesting or enriching things to do. What if I could find something simple to introduce, that could become a portal for making things, for education, for inspiration?
 With Finmas, I see a possibility to do this. There is an unmet need in many surf communities abroad, anyone who wants to surf must not only find a surfboard to use, they need to make sure that surfboard has fins and that those fins don't break. Without all the fins a surfboard needs, it is severely handicapped. Fins are delicate, and they break. It takes a lot of skill to fix fins, and in most of these places, such a skill is not available. Traveling surfers won't have spare fins, and if they do, you'll be lucky if they're a correct fit for your board. If you're fortunate to have a surf shop nearby, it's likely you're not wealthy enough to afford $60-$150 for a set of fins. Even less likely that the shop will have a replacement fin to sell you.
 I believe a 3D printer that could make fins fit for surfing would be greatly appreciated in these places. 3D printers are becoming more and more affordable, and while it may be difficult to find a delivery service that'll send a person in these areas a printer or the filmament it needs, it may not be difficult to find a surfer willing to bring one along for the trip.