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We're on a mission to diversify the faces in the (sea)food supply chain, reduce food waste, combat food insecurity and champion gender and racial equity. Made possible with our low-barrier digital aggregation platform, and small-batch R&D production.


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You are providing nutrient dense (sea)food to food insecure households while supporting the independent small-boat fishers that catch it using low ... Read more

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Sarah Ecolano

Mission: Diversify faces in the (sea)food suppl...


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2023 Year End Update

What did you accomplish during 2023? Foundational-systems growth and streamlining of impact objectives. How did you use money? Program leader training for improved efficiencies of process and baseline tech...
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Published on December 20, 2023 by Sarah Ecolano


Sarah, is a generational life-time fisher(wo)man, like her mother and father before her.  Born and raised in remote Alaska, with decades of experience in independent, small-boat, sustainable wild-catch fisheries. She is also the founder of Copper River Fish Market a mission driven seafood business that is in a growth stage directed at using their platform to foster food security and gender and racial equity in the seafood supply chain and beyond. 

Mission Statement 
Copper River Fish Market is pioneering a low-barrier, community-oriented digital aggregation channel  to help scale and amplify the reach of BIPOC+, independent small-boat fishing families. Flipping  the narrative on the supply chain experience by centering it on the fisher and the end-user, not the middleman. 
This is a fisher(wo)man led initiative that removes market-entry barriers, increases earnings of small-boat fishers while reducing food waste, prevents food insecurity and fosters a more equitable and diverse seafood products industry. 

We're raising funds to 
  • Facilitate a supply chain that provides quality seafood access to food insecure communities where salmon is not only considered an important food source,  but also provides a strong connection to cultural identity and is an important generational connection to heritage. 
  •  Provide a balanced market opportunity for independent small-boat fishers who are their own micro-businesses and rely on their catch to create the revenue that supports fishery dependent coastal economies in remote Alaska communities. 
Sarah’s recent food system initiatives 
2020-2024 United States of Women State of AK Ambassador >>> Learn More 
2023 Grid 110/Slauson & Co Accelerator >>> Learn More 
2023 Farm Bill Policy/Working Waterfronts 1:1 call with Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski  >>> Learn More 
2023 Good Food Awards Finalist (Smoked Salmon) >>> Learn More 
2023 Slow Food USA/ Seafood Education Dinner >>> Learn More 
2023 James Beard Foundation Action Summit Invitee >>> Learn More 
2023 Wallace Center Farm Bill Policy Training >>> Learn More 
2022 Slow Food USA Food System Short >>> Watch 
2022 Bon Appétit Magazine >>> Read 
2022 20K lb Fish Donation- Food Insecurity Initiative >>> Read 
2022 Capitol Hill Food Policy Advocacy >>> Learn More 
2021 Food Systems Leadership Network Mentee (Wallace Center) >>> Learn More 
2019 James Beard Foundation Women’s Leadership Fellowship >>> Learn More 
2017 Julia Child/ Chef’s Collaborative Food System Scholarship >>> Learn More

Our team

Sarah Ecolano

Mission: Diversify faces in the (sea)food suppl...