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We grow flax to produce linen and run workshops and in flax based arts and crafts


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In March 2022 we will be building an oversized Corn Dolly made of flax straw in Blockhouse Park, ...

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The aim of the Flax Project is to establish a commercial flax growing social enterprise that is environmentally responsible. Eventually we aim to develop an integrated ‘grow, process, spin, weave and sell’ social enterprise involving local small farmers and creative enterprises in Plymouth and Cornwall linking the city to the surrounding countryside and vice versa and providing sustainable and long term employment and training opportunities in the these areas. In 2021 we grew and harvested 1 acre of flax, in 2022 we have taken on a further 2.6 acres under Tamar Grow Local's Farm Start Scheme. We also run a programme of workshops in flax crafts, processing, spinning and weaving, details are on the website.

The ultimate aim is to reintroduce commercial flax and high quality linen production to South West UK, find innovative solutions to the problem of pollution and environmental damage and provide jobs for the local economy, linking rural areas with towns in Cornwall and the city of Plymouth.

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